Welcome to my site.

Hi my name is Nat, a mother of one beautiful daughter who is the reason why I am here. I am originally from the Philippines.

When I was growing up I never had a store bought cake. No, my mother was not a cake maker, our family just simply could not afford one. I remember my mother always remind us that having all the family members gather together to celebrate with a simple dinner was all we need to fill our hearts with love. I remember going to my friend's party and I enjoyed every bite of my tiny piece of cake but i don't recall any feeling of sadness because I only get homemade rice cakes during my birthdays , I only remember thinking about how I can make one for myself one day... and here I am now making every one's cakes like they are mine to devour and boast off with passion and love.

I specialize Novelty cakes for all occasions. I am more of a cake decorator and a cake designer. Why? because as a novelty cake specialist I bake the type of cakes that are stable for the construction of a cake with a specific design. The most common flavors that I make are Vanilla, Chocolate and chocolate or white mud cakes followed by Red Velvet, Marble,banana, strawberry, carrot and lemon cakes.

I started decorating cakes since my daughter was born and since then it became a hobby and then eventually turned into something bigger. For me it's not only about profit. I know that not every one can afford a designer cake that is why I offer many options to choose from for people to meet their budgets with out totally missing out on the details they would like to put into that cake they would like for their loved ones.

For those who are not sure of what they like and how they want their cakes to look like, don't worry! leave it to me. With just a little help from you i will make my wand work at its best.

Enjoy browsing!